Anchor Bistro Fundraiser June 3

Thursday, June 3rd at 6:30-9:30PM at The Anchor Bistro on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls. Pat Andrew and Delea Miller will be guest bartending, all tips go directly to the Fireworks Fund.

The Anchor is owned and operated by Bob and Janell Maloney and Tim and Shawna Obenchain, long time Twin Falls residents and business owners.  The Maloney’s and Obenchain’s launched the Anchor to capture memories of some of the great restaurants they have visited throughout the world.  Mark Makin, former owner and chef of The Aroma restaurant in Twin Falls, serves as Executive Chef and General Manager and brings his special culinary skills to life with some truly unique and delicious menu offerings.

Come down for dinner, drinks, and to show your support!


Comments on “Anchor Bistro Fundraiser June 3”

Delea Miller said:

Hey kids, it’s THURSDAY, JUNE 3rd (not the 4th)…I was off by one day! Sorry about that, hope to see everyone at The Anchor!

Marty said:

THANK YOU to our wonderful community in your support of keeping the 4th of July on the 4th! I’m overwhelmed with the support we have gotten. I look forward to meeting many of you tomorrow @ the ANCHOR BISTRO… I know Andrew and Delea will give us a good show! Thanks to Mark Makin, wonderful chef that he is, and the owners Bob and Janell Maloney and Tim and Shawna Obenchain, for allowing Andrew and Delea to conduct this fundraiser in their awesome establishment!

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