It’s a Twin Falls Tradition!

  • March 19th, 2011
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Did you know that the Twin Falls’ patriotic roots run quite deep and the tradition of supporting a celebration for the 4th of July is a part of our history? After some research, local historian Ron Yates made a great discovery. As far back as 1928, local Twin Falls businesses supported the 4th of July Celebrations. As seen in this $10 check from the now defunct Twin Falls Feed & Ice, that was written out in 1928.

The Fourth of July is more than just a day off. It brings together families, friends and the citizens of Twin Falls and the entire Magic Valley to celebrate the birth of our country, our freedom and everything that is great about this wonderful land we live in. It shows our men and women in the military that we support them  and the freedom they are fighting for.

We challenge all of the businesses not only in Twin Falls, but the entire Magic Valley to come together like they did in 1928 and pledge your help to make our celebration something to remember for years to come. Back in 1928 the ten dollars that Twin Falls Feed and Ice donated is worth about $340 today, so keep that in mind when donating. Let’s have historians in 2094 looking back and telling the people here in the valley how patriotic you were.

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